Marie Curie Transition Programme.

Young people: life-limiting conditions but life-enhancing choices?

Along with other research, the Marie Curie Cancer Care programme has shown that the system that is supposed to support young people with complex health needs and their families is, in reality, fragmented and ineffective.

Three events were held in spring 2011 as part of the 'life limiting conditions, life enhancing chances' project - The purpose of these Open Space events was to find out:
What is important to young people with life limiting conditions in becoming an adult? What stops good transition from happening?
What good things are happening, and how we can build on them?

View the video from these events here

But this fragmentation can be prevented. The programme brought together national and local organisations, and young people and their families, to learn from, and build on creative and effective ways of working together to create a smoother journey.

Work on the programme culminated in a major event on June 28, 2012, sponsored by Marie Curie Cancer Care, Together for Short Lives, Help the Hospices, and the National Council for Palliative Care.

Material and outputs from the programme, free to download and use, can be found at:


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