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The team.

Marsaili Cameron helps people and organisations say what they mean to say - and align their words with action.
'How do you improve communications? Start by being quiet. Listen.'
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Maria Duggan's high-profile career in social work, social and health policy as both practitioner and researcher, has spurred national innovations in mental health policy and organisational development.
'To be worth anything, policy has to be rooted in the complexities of real life.'
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Roma Iskander specialises in design and facilitation of innovative techniques to develop participation and engagement of all involved with organisations in the health, voluntary and local authority sector.
'I know that initiatives are successful only when local people, as well as staff and commissioners, have the chance to be 'a part of the solution.'

Sheila Marsh is a highly-skilled facilitator, learning designer, evaluator, project leader and researcher, with a broad management background.
'I want to work on aligning people's focus and energy with what matters to the public, despite the top-down agendas that often divert them...'
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The Team is supported by Associates, especially Participation Agency partner TAP Arts (Belinda Sosinowicz), Anna Iskander-Reynolds, a community developer and participative appraisal researcher and Pauline Cross a consultant and midwife with experience of senior leadership, strategic development, collaborative working and project management